I have run this business, providing personalized service, since December 1999.

At the same time I belong to a loose but very supportive affiliation, with over 950 other individuals like me across the country. We enjoy great respect and service in our industry. I like running my business honestly, with some humor. My background is in fine arts, specializing in designing business forms.

Some questions to ponder before you order any promotional items:

- What is the purpose of this promotion?

- Whom am I trying to reach? Any certain demographic?

- Where am I going to give these items? (At trade shows, at golf tournaments, at networking events, as a "Thank You" gesture, or just to get the name out?)

- What promotions have I done in the past? (Did they work?)

- Is there a theme?

- Is there a budget?

- For a memorable marketing project, would I consider mailing a little box, or a 3 dimensional object instead? (It stays on top of the mail pile, and it is the first to be opened.)

- How about giving/mailing items that relate to the different holidays?

I consider these issues daily and offer suggestions.

I look forward to working with you.


Feel free to contact me. I am here to be of service to you.  


Ari Deljohn

(617) 783-9555